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El Hijo De Hernández

El Hijo de Hernández is the premiere American made feature length film in Spanish directed by Lorenzo M. Ponce de León and is the first of its kind shot in Technicolor CineStyle. The viewing experience is vivid, giving clarity to its characters and scenery. Created alongside the author of the book and filmed in Spain, the actual setting of the book and film is undisclosed.

Produced as an independent production through MADRID_CREAcción and Teatro Lírico de Las Muñecas in Madrid, El Hijo de Hernández was financed through the Inez Persson Bailyn Scholarship awarded by Florida Atlantic University. Filming started on the 14 of June, 2012 in Madrid and lasted approximately three weeks and included shooting a music video based off of the Latin Grammy nominated song El hijo de Hernández by El Cuarteto de Nos.

Shot in Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, El Hijo de Hernández is “The precise balance between theatre and cinema giving viewers both a cinematic experience and the sensations of sitting in a theatre watching actors on a stage,” according to Ponce de León.

El Hijo de Hernández is based off of the novel by Frédéric Conrod which follows Miguel and his encounters in a place from where he does not know exactly how to participate. Breaking with any kind of logic, Miguel tries to escape a cultural hysteria that has contaminated an entire country of injuries. Faced with this theatrical trauma, Miguel must choose between amnesia or memory, comedy or tragedy, the voice of a father or two mothers. His encounter with the ghosts of a universal past always pushes against sense, to finish, like the wind in desert caves.

El Hijo de Hernández premiered to a private audience at Living Room Theaters in Boca Raton, Florida on April 12, 2013 and continues to screen both in the United States and abroad. For more information on the film, you can like the Facebook page.

Accolades for El Hijo De Hernández

- El Hijo de Hernández was part an exclusive display in the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) as an reaccreditation initiative for Florida Atlantic University in January 2013.

- The film was also showcased and featured in a juried gallery exhibition at the Second Avenue Studio in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2013.

- El Hijo de Hernández was featured in the visual annual magazine Remarque from Designers Edge in 2013.


Projection of an original logo design on the face of the Donna E. Shalala Student Center, Miami FL, 2018

Awards & Recognition

  • Inside The Mind of A Comic Creator (2018), Camera and Audio. - WINNER Emmy Award for interstitial, 42nd Annual Suncoast Regional Emmy®Awards.
  • Rankling (2015), Directed by Lourdes Roche & Lorenzo M. Ponce de León - WINNER Humphrey Bogart Film Festival Key Largo Prize and Audience Choice, 2016. OFFICIAL SELECTION and WINNER Best Film Film Carpet 8.0, 2017. OFFICIAL SELECTION of Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF), 2017.
  • Ain’t That Somethin' Else? (2017), Directed by Lorenzo M. Ponce de León - OFFICIAL SELECTION of FILMGATE's I'm Not Going to Move to LA (NoLA), 2017.
  • Evils of A Foster Child, Directed by Anthony Larkin (Dir. of Photography Lorenzo M. Ponce de León) - OFFICIAL SELECTION of Silicon Beach Film Festival LA and WINNER Best Ensemble Cast, 2018. OFFICIAL SELECTION of Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF), 2017.
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